I’m the Low FODMAP Grandma,

or G.

I am an empty nester with three children and a proud grandmother to one grandson. In addition to my role as a grandparent, I also work two jobs.

When I have free time, I love immersing myself in the great outdoors. Hiking, boating, and fishing (I practice catch and release) are some of my favorite activities. I also find solace in gardening, nurturing plants, and creating a peaceful outdoor space.

Beyond my love for nature, I have a range of hobbies. I am an avid reader, always seeking new stories and knowledge. Collecting rocks has become a passion of mine, and I enjoy discovering unique specimens. Additionally, I find enjoyment in gaming, engaging in virtual adventures and challenges.

I follow a vegetarian diet, which is literally due to not liking meat. That has been a big struggle for me these last 3+ years on the low FODMAP diet.

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To offer hard learned money and time saving tips and tricks and some of favorite low FODMAP recipes.

A little bit more about me

Like you, I struggled with gastrointestinal issues my whole life. 

I was hospitalized for appendicitis, ruptured ovarian cysts, or diverticulitis as the cause of my pain.

Back then you didn’t question the Doctors. But I still have my appendix, and my cyst-free ovaries, and Xray after Xray has shown no diverticulitis.

It wasn’t until I was back in the ER with pain so bad I couldn’t bend nor sit, that my Dr handed me a packet. The low FODMAP diet.

This packet just listed foods that were yes or no. No in-betweens, no this is okay in this size portion.  Just yes or no.

I’m vegetarian, and this packet just wiped out three-quarters of my diet, and most of my protein sources.

I am an active person, and at the time I was working a very active job around 70 hours a week. My caloric needs were over 2000 calories a day. Yet I was struggling to eat 800.

I was literally starving. Like, I would burst into tears I was so hungry. And I was losing so much weight so fast – and a good portion of it was muscle mass too.

Here are some before my elimination diet and during photos.


So what could I do?

I think you can see that I needed to do something, and fast.

Resources at the time:

I found Monash and their app. Now I was able to at least have some portions of some of the ‘no’ foods.

Dieticians were not available in my state, and at the time I believe there were only 5 or so certified in the US. This was pre-covid, so online medical was not yet a thing.

And then I found Dede at FODMAP everyday.

So now I had more foods I could eat with the Monash app and recipes for the foods from FODMAP every day. And man are those recipes good.

However, I have found those recipes too big for just me, and much of it went to waste. She also uses a lot of items that are either not readily available in my little rural community or are rather pricey. And let’s be real, this diet is really expensive without throwing away most of your food portions or buying expensive seasonings and such you will only use once.

So, I spent a long time researching and used trial and error to make my own recipes – usually in just two servings. But, I’m a real person who works two jobs – I don’t have time for a lot of prep time, clean up, etc. And most of my recipes use basic measurements, thus making them easy to divide and multiply.

Plus, I have learned some tips and tricks to make my life so much easier on this diet. And I have learned how to save money.

So, I have created a website to share this information with others and hopefully be a benefit to them.